Reflections of Grey (Series in September) (Indie in Summer)

It's September 1st!!  Which along with shocking statements of "Where oh where did the summer go??" means it's time for Series in September to return!  This is a feature I started last year where I devote the month to making progress through series that I'm currently reading as well as embarking on fun new-to-me works that are "Book One" in their sagas.  Today's pick is a bit of a crossover from my Indie in Summer feature and stay tuned for upcoming posts from the book's fabulous author!

Book: Reflections of Grey by J.C. Phelps

Series: The Alexis Stanton Chronicles

Book Order: Color Me Grey* (1), Shades of Grey* (2), Reflections of Grey* (3)
*indicates a book I have read

The action and intrigue of The Alexis Stanton Chronicles continues in book three Reflections of Grey. Alex Stanton, also known as Ms. Grey extends her training with White & Associates and takes on the challenge of an undercover job. Despite her misgivings about getting involved with Rick "Mr. White" Malone, Alex finds her resolve about their relationship tested. Things only get more complicated when Alex's work brings her across the path of another Malone, Rick's equally handsome brother.

Reflections of Grey carries the same high-energy, character driven action of the books that preceded it (Color Me Grey, Shades of Grey). J.C. Phelps continues to grow and develop her heroine with each new book in the series. Three books strong, there remains plenty more of Alex's story to be told and readers can only hope that Phelps has future works in store for the series.

The longer a series is, the harder time I have writing reviews for the books in it.   It's not that I don't love the books as much as the early ones in the series, but I tend to get really worried about including spoilers in my reviews!  Hopefully this teaser of a review conveys how much I enjoy the series, without giving away any plot points of the earlier books to readers who may be curious about the third!

Stay tuned this week and weekend as J.C. Phelps returns to Her Book Self with a fun guest post and a preview of her future work!

2 Response to "Reflections of Grey (Series in September) (Indie in Summer)"

  1. Anonymous Says:
    September 1, 2011 at 7:58 PM

    I tend to review only the 1st in the series as well; not so much because of the spoiler aspect but because I usually only last through to the second. If it has the same flavor and style as its predecessor then I don't write a review for it.

  2. Ondrej from Buy Kindle says:
    September 5, 2011 at 2:37 AM

    I get what you mean, reviewing series is very hard; I've developed some sort of trade-off where I write a spoiler here and there, but they're all very small and doesn't really hurt the potential reader.

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