"Influence is Bliss" (Series in September)

“All novels are sequels; influence is bliss.”
-Michael Chabon

This quote from Michael Chabon made me giggle a little, since I've complained in the past about wanting more standalone novels and less sequels and have also composed a list of sequels I'm eagerly waiting to read.  I know I've felt before that all new novels are sequels but at the same time I can only partially agree with such a pessimistic take on novel writing.  I know there's some truth to the idea that there are no new stories and that every new work is an old one wrapped up in new clothing, but I still stand that creativity and originality are rampant in fiction these days.  I think some of my very favorite books are the ones in which authors really are creating something fresh and unique. What are your thoughts?  Is everything new these days a reinvention of something previous?

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