Fever Dream (ReCOVERy Friday)

ReCOVERy Friday is a meme hosted by Miss Page-Turner's City of Books. And even though it's no longer Friday, I thought I'd jump in with an interesting cover of the week.  Here's how the meme works:

1. Think of a book cover you like (e.g. because of its cover art, model, author, title etc.) Doesn’t matter if it’s an old or new one, you just have to enjoy it!
2. Create a ReCOVERy Friday post for your blog and post it with the whole wonderful weekend ahead
3. Maybe add some sentences and explain why you like the cover…
4. Then add your ReCOVERy Friday post to the link list on Miss Page Turner's site so everyone can enjoy it
5. Check out other ReCOVERy Friday posts if you like to compare them, chat about them, get inspiration and just have fun!

The book cover I want to spotlight today is a book I'm currently reading by a wonderful collaborating pair of authors, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  Fever Dream is their most recent work in the series starring protagonist Agent A.X.L Pendergast, a character as intriguing and unique as the name they gave him. 

First of all, I like the layering on this cover.   In the very background at the top is a shadowy drawing of a bird, a parakeet I think.  On top of that, bolder, is the image of the birdcage with what I can only assume is a dead bird at the bottom of it.  And then the foreground, in the dramatic fake-torn-paper black overlay, contains the authors' surnames (so famous - no first names needed!) and the book title.  The colors are subdued, but the contrast of the black title backing emphasizes the dead bird legs at the bottom and conveys the darker tone of the book.

What I like most about this cover is that it's really driving me to want to dig into the book.  I'm a few chapters in and - though the basic plot already has me hooked - I'm really intrigued at how the bird (live or dead) is going to play into the story and relate to the murder that the main characters are trying to solve.  Perhaps it's significant, but maybe it's just a red herring.  Either way, I'm decidedly curious!
And of course this got me thinking, have you ever had a cover drive your interest in a book higher as you proceed through the novel?

2 Response to "Fever Dream (ReCOVERy Friday)"

  1. Lesa says:
    December 8, 2010 at 10:28 PM

    I love the Pendergast series-- this was one of my faves since more is learned about his past.

  2. lisa :) says:
    December 9, 2010 at 9:41 PM

    I'm definitely enjoying this one! Pendergast is one of my favorite characters - I have a really hard time choosing a favorite book, I think I've loved them all!

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