Best Christmas Books/Stories

In honor of the holidays, I'd like to spotlight my favorite holiday stories and books.  I couldn't quite whittle this down to a top 5, and I want to leave room for others to contribute to a top 10 so I'll make this my Top 7 list.  These are in no particular order and I'd love to have others chime in with suggestions to round this out into a top 10 list!  Wishing everyone a safe and joyful Christmas!
In no particular order...

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

I think this one is a mainstay of almost any holiday book list I've ever seen.  I read it in its entirety for the first time when I was in seventh grade and I still love it.  I think its pretty neat that as far as classic literature goes, this one has really embedded itself into American culture.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss
This is probably another one that I don't need to say too much about.  The book is wonderful and the animated movie is delightful as well.  Actually, any time I go back to the original text, I still hear the catchy little who songs in my head!

The Polar Express by Chris von Ailsburg
I think I have mixed feelings on the movie version of this one but I definitely adore the book.  Granted, I can't think of a von Ailsburg book that I don't like so I may be a bit biased.  The illustrations are stunning and if anyone knows The Polar Express only from the movie version, I highly encourage you to take a peek at the book!

A Visit From St. Nicholas (aka Twas the Night Before Christmas) by Clement C. Moore
Like many families, mine made a tradition of reading this one on Christmas eve seated around the fireplace. I love the poetry and it really is a fun little story about Santa Claus.

The Stupidest Angel: A heartwarming tale of Christmas terror by Christopher Moore
This one definitely falls in the off-beat quirky category, but it was the book that introduced me to Moore's writing (though I've since discovered that many of the characters in this one feature in his other works).  As much as I love the sweet and sentimental side of the holidays, I also love to laugh and - sick as it is - this one definitely amused me.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson
This is the story of the Herdmans, the trouble making kids that end up involved in the local Christmas pageant.  Though few can imagine cigar smoking Imogene as the Virgin Mary, what seems to be a set up for disaster surprises quite a few.  It's a great young adult novel but definitely one that adults can appreciate too.

The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry
I first read this short story in my high school literature class, but I've since revisited it and reflected on its deeper meaning as I've grown older.  It's a story that always comes back to me when I'm caught in the Christmas rush and stressing about gift-giving.

Two From Galilee by Marjorie Holmes
This is an older book that many might not be familiar with but it's the Nativity story told as a historical fiction novel.  I really enjoy how the dramatization makes Mary and Joseph into real people and brings to life the time and culture of the Christmas story.

So those are my picks.  Do you have a favorite of the ones I mentioned?  What others would you add to my list?

2 Response to "Best Christmas Books/Stories"

  1. Lady of the Lake says:
    December 26, 2010 at 10:21 PM

    Skipping Christmas by John Grisham. I laughed out loud when I read this one. Lots of funny scenes.

    An Irish Country Christmas by Patrick Taylor. Second in a series, this book is set in Ireland in the late 60's. Great characters and a great story about a young doctor working in a small village.

  2. lisa :) says:
    December 27, 2010 at 2:43 PM

    Skipping Christmas only barely missed my list, I really did like it a lot! If I went for a Top Ten it would definitely be on there along with a novel (that hardly anyone besides me has read) called Twas the Night Before by Jerry B. Jenkins.

    I haven't read the Taylor one so I'll have to add it my list. Maybe I'll pick it up when Advent rolls in next year!

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