Track of the Cat (Series in September)

Book: Track of the Cat by Nevada Barr

Series: Anna Pigeon Mysteries

Book Order: Track of the Cat* (1), A Superior Death (2), Ill Wind (3), Firestorm (4), Endangered Species (5), Blind Descent (6), Liberty Falling (7), Deep South (8), Blood Lure (9), Hunting Season (10),  Flashback (11), High Country (12), Hard Truth (13), Winter Study (14), Borderline (15), Burn (16) 
* indicates a book I have read

A few months ago mystery author Amanda Flower mentioned the name Nevada Barr to me as an author that inspired and influenced her writing.  Having never heard of Barr, I inquired further and Ms. Flower recommended the book Blind Descent to me, which I since found out was number six is Barr's Anna Pigeon Mysteries series.  Wanting to start at the beginning (for once), I decided to pick up Track of the Cat

This book begins with National Park Ranger Anna Pigeon searching for signs of a mountain lion when she discovers the dead body of one of her fellow rangers instead.  The authorities want to blame the death on a large cat, but Anna is convinced that the evidence supports a more sinister situation.  As she seeks to uncover the clues and motives behind what appears to be a murder, she uncovers a truth more dangerous and deadly than the predatory cats being blamed in the first place. 

Set in west Texas at Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Nevada Barr does a great job describing the gorgeous locations in this novel.  Barr weaves the scenery and wildlife into the plot so that reading the book is akin to mentally traveling to the park.  Pigeon is a strong and capable heroine too.  She is intelligent and independent and I look forward to seeing her character grow and more of her back story to be revealed in further novels.  Though this is the only book in the series I have read so far, I'm very interested in pursuing the rest as each one takes place in a different National Park.  With sixteen books written so far, it looks to be quite the tour of American history and heritage.  
What book have you loved for having a great sense of place?  What books have taken you on mental vacations?  

2 Response to "Track of the Cat (Series in September)"

  1. Bailey says:
    September 27, 2010 at 7:45 PM

    I've enjoyed your Series in September posts! I'm not familiar with many of the titles, so it's been exciting to read about new-to-me books. Have a great week!

  2. lisa :) says:
    September 27, 2010 at 9:39 PM

    Thanks Bailey! It's been a really fun month of posts. Of course I'm realizing now how many series books I didn't get to! I never really noticed before just how many series I was in the middle of!

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