Seeing Redd (Series in September)

Book: Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor

Series: The Looking Glass Wars

Book Order: The Looking Glass Wars*  (1), Seeing Redd* (2), Arch Enemy (3), Plus The Looking Glass Wars Graphic Novels: Hatter M, Mad With Wonder, The Nature of Wonder
* indicates a book I have read

Welcome to Frank Beddor's fantasy series centered around an alternate version of Lewis Carroll's classic Alice in Wonderland. Alice Liddell - the young girl who became the inspiration for Carrol's writing - is really Princess Alyss Heart of Wonderland, a magical realm of invention and imagination.  Young Alyss escaped to Earth after her evil Aunt Redd murdered Alyss's parents and stole the Queendom.  Wonderland fell to chaos and it was up to the milliner bodyguard Hatter Madigan to find Alice in London and return her to her real home to defeat Redd and reclaim the throne.

I love the world that Beddor created in The Looking Glass Wars and I was thrilled to return to his universe in Seeing Redd.  In this sequel, Alyss is adjusting to her life as Queen of Wonderland.   The threat of Redd (and her assassin The Cat) is far from over and the suit families still vie for power.  Of course, danger from outside Wonderland is equally potent as Arch, king of Boarderland, constructs a plot against Alyss involving her own bodyguard Homburg Molly.

This book is a great mix of fantasy, action, and political intrigue. At times, the inspirations from the classic text shine through beautifully but The Looking Glass Wars series remains a darker sort of tribute to Carroll's work.  Beddor's characters are delightful and those who are unique creations (Alyss's friend Dodge, milliner Homburg Molly) mingle seamlessly with those altered from Carroll's books (The Cat, Hatter Madigan, the albino Bibwit Harte, and of course, the card soldiers).  In this version of Wonderland, imagination is the fuel for magic and Beddor proves to be quite the powerful wizard. 

 Do you have a favorite book that pays homage to a classic work?  Or perhaps a favorite retelling of a well-known story?

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  1. Kate Scott says:
    September 29, 2010 at 1:34 PM

    Interesting! I didn't know there were any spin offs of Alice in Wonderland... Jane Austen, sure, but Wonderland....

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