Fever Dream

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have done it again! Fever Dream marks their tenth thriller (holy cow! Is it really ten? Mental roll call: Relic, Reliquary, Cabinet, Still Life, Brimstone, Dance of Death, Book of the Dead, Wheel, Cemetery... Definitely tenth!) featuring their Sherlock Holmes-esque hero Special Agent A.X.L. Pendergast, and it is another great work.

The latest adventure begins with a flashback set in Africa chronicling the events surrounding the death of Pendergast's wife Helen. Longtime Preston & Child fans will appreciate this glimpse into the enigmatic history of Agent Pendergast's past, but there's little surprise to be found that evidence arises indicating what was once declared an accident may have actually been murder. In present day, the search for answers leads Pendergast and his frequent partner Vincent D'Agosta from New York to New Orleans to seek out the truth.

Much like the previous Preston & Child collaborations, this action-oriented story blends sleuthing with science in an intelligent and multi-faceted mystery. Fever Dream is full of suspense and surprises and is definitely one of the best entries in the Pendergast series thus far. As usual, the door has been left wide open for future adventures, and in my opinion, the eleventh book can't come soon enough!
I actually started this series with book three or four but was so enamored with the main character that I had to go back and fill in the blanks and have since eagerly devoured each book as it is released.  I also managed to get my husband, Tony, hooked on the series as well.  As crazy as it sounds, we really enjoy reading books aloud to each other and this series has lent itself well to audio.  The downside of course is "one more chapter!" syndrome which inevitably occurs when each chapter ends with an agonizing cliff hanger.  It's near impossible to insert the bookmark when one's favorite character is in mortal peril.  Also, I usually make Tony do most of the reading because he switches seamlessly between Pendergast's southern drawl and D'Agosta's New Yawk accent - yes, in our family character voices are a must!

Any one else a fan of creating a voice cast when reading aloud?  What are your favorite novels to perform... er... I mean read?  Any other Pendergast fans in the blogosphere want to weigh in on Fever Dream?  What is it about this smart but not sardonic agent that is so addictive?

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  1. Ellen aka Ellie says:
    February 18, 2011 at 10:51 AM

    I love to read aloud to Brad, so color me crazy too!

  2. Deborah says:
    February 18, 2011 at 12:05 PM

    I'd not heard of this series - sounds terrific! (I might read it to myself first...)

  3. Lesa says:
    February 18, 2011 at 12:47 PM

    I love this series! Feverdream is one of my faves too. I like that more of Pendergast's past is revealed-- and that he he loses control a bit.

    Pendergast is very addictive and intriguing--more that the leads in other thriller series I read. And he is so very likable-- not a jerk-- and with his talents and background he could so easily be a jerk. Here is what I wrote about him last spring:

    "Pendergast is a fascinating mix of Sherlock Holmes and James Bond. He comes from a privaleged New Orleans family tainted with insanity and his intellect and wealth are off the charts. Ultra sophisticated but can kick butt when needed. Pendergast switches effortlessly between suave southern charm and icy aristocratic politeness to get classified information or access to crime scenes ect. He is kind, loyal, honorable and mysterious. Wonder if Pendergast could use another sidekick on his next case?"

    Yep, it the mix of honor/kindness, brilliance, moxie, class, and mysterious background that does it for me. Don't you love how he values the less fortunate in brains/riches and how he compensates for his damaged childhood-- way too intriguing! It is a good thing he is not real-- I'd probably be a groupie!!

    Your readalouds sound fun. I'm not good at voices but I try when I read to my little boy.

    This is long but Pendergast is gush-worthy-- I know you understand!!


  4. lisa :) says:
    February 18, 2011 at 10:39 PM

    Ellen - I think the voices indicate the wackiness, not so much the reading aloud. ;)

    Deborah - Hope you enjoy them! Relic or Brimstone are good places to start (just not the movie version of Relic which shamefully left Agent Pendergast out entirely!)

    Lesa - I remember your post about Fever Dream and I think it was part of what inspired me to finally get this one off the shelf and into the "finished" pile! And you definitely hit the nail on the head describing Pendergast. I can't decide if he's a character I would want to be real or not. I think he would be fascinating to hold a conversation with, but he would probably also be quite intimidating. And I definitely understand - feel free to gush about Pendergast (or anything else) here anytime!

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