Heroes of the Valley (A Weekend to ReCOVER)

Welcome to my first official hosting of a meme!  You might recall ReCOVERy Friday as a really fun meme discussing book art that was hosted by Miss Page-Turner's City of Books, but Miss Page-Turner has graciously allowed me to take over the meme and make it my own! So it is my privilege to welcome you all to A Weekend to ReCOVER!   The principle of the meme is simple: post an image of a book cover or other bookish illustration or artwork and talk about it on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday!  Hopefully it will be great for a quick weekend post after a long week of blogging, working, studying, etc.  Since I'm just starting this out, I won't use a linking widget yet, but feel free to create a "Weekend to ReCOVER" post of your own linked back to Her Book Self and leave a link in the comments section with a post of your own!  Hope you'll join me in this fun artwork based meme!

 The first cover I want to spotlight with the new version of this meme is a book called Heroes of the Valley by Jonathan Stroud!
I first discovered Stroud's writing with The Amulet of Samarkand and the subsequent books in The Bartimaeus Trilogy.  I loved the complex plots and characters, as well as the witty humor, and knew Stroud was an author I wanted to read more from.  However, Heroes of the Valley was a book that I lifted from the shelf based on the cover, even before I noted the author's name.  I like the mystical lighting and the lone figure in the cloak on the cliff raises all sorts of questions and images in my head.  Cover art alone prompted me to look closer at this title and a familiar author and intriguing description solidified it as a purchase and it's eagerly awaiting me in my TBR pile!

What do you think of the Heroes of the Valley cover?
What great book cover has grabbed you recently?

Special thanks again to Miss Page-Turner's City of Books for starting this meme and allowing me permission to take it over.  MP-T'sCoB is a great blog and if you've never checked it out I encourage you to do so!  Along with great reviews and other fun memes, you'll find a sidebar Cover of the Week and an ongoing feature called COVEResque Feat comparing book covers from multiple countries. 

2 Response to "Heroes of the Valley (A Weekend to ReCOVER)"

  1. Attack of the Book! says:
    January 17, 2011 at 9:03 AM

    I like it. I think the shadowing and lighting really add to it. One of the covers that I really like is for a book called Angry Young Man. It is just smoke, but it really does a good job at conveying the title. I didn't like the book, but loved the cover.

  2. Me says:
    January 30, 2011 at 5:10 PM

    I'm so glad someone got to take over this meme! I love Cover art - I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover but come one, don't we all? I look forward to seeing what you post and hop eyou come check out mine too:) Thanks again for sharing with us all!

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