The Actor and the Housewife

Becky Jack - Utah housewife, Mormon, mother of three, seven months pregnant with her fourth child - is a little out of place in Hollywood when she sells her first screenplay, but even more surprising is meeting and befriending a movie star along the way. Dapper, British heartthrob Felix Callahan is Becky's polar opposite, and yet through their chance meeting the two are instant friends, laughing and joking together, enjoying each other's company immensely. Both are happily married - to other people - and the question is raised as to whether or not a man and woman can ever truly be just friends.

Shannon Hale composes an intricate and interesting story in this book. Just when I thought the plot was turning cliche, she managed to add twists and turns to keep things unpredictable. The humor and witty repartee between Becky and Felix kept the story lively and fun while the sweet romance between Becky and loyal husband Mike brought a sentimental and emotional depth to the book.

There were some plot points towards the end of the novel that I would have liked to change, but I still enjoyed Hale's storytelling. The characters were overall likable and Hale's incorporation of faith and spirituality into Becky's life was realistic and natural. I liked that that aspect was molded smoothly into the novel without coming across as preachy or judgmental. As far as romantic comedies go, I preferred Shannon Hale's Austenland, but The Actor and The Housewife was still a well written and interesting book.

A copy of this book was provided through LibraryThing's Early Reviewers program.
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